Margaret Headland

Psychotherapy and Counselling
 in North London


There are numerous types of therapy available. To learn about these can be confusing. So how do you decide what you want and need?

Some therapies are very specific, time limited and technical involving setting goals and homework. Some are less directive and more interpretative.

My approach is based on what you and I together think will be the most supportive way to help you achieve what you want. I broadly follow what is known as an Integrative  Approach which means I use a combination of different psychotherapy techniques. 

I see therapy as an exciting journey that both the client and therapist commit to. I work in a manner that enables the individual to explore where he/she is in the present and this may well involve looking at the past and also considering the future. The three are undoubtedly linked.

The therapy can be short term or long term depending on your personal circumstances and we would discuss this in our first meeting. 

I am committed to working with clients in a way that enables him/her to work towards feeling empowered.